FAQ: Thinking Medicine book

What is print-on-demand?
Lulu.com, a reliable, reputable company prints Thinking Medicine on demand. This means that your copy doesn't exist until you purchase it. Then it is printed and sent to you directly -hot off the press. This means publishing is cheaper as we don't have to keep large stocks, and we can pass on the savings to you.

As your copy has to be printed first before it is shipped, it does entail slightly longer delivery times, from our experience, about a week or so. If you're in a rush to get your copy, contact us directly as we may have some in stock to ship straight away.

Print-on-demand also means that we are able to update the book easily and really value your feedback as we can act on it immediately. This is particularly relevant in a field as rapidly evolving as medicine.

The book currently available via Lulu is First edition, version 1. When subsequent versions are uploaded, we will make it clear through this website as well as on the title page verso of the actual book (i.e. the page with all the small print, and copyright details).

Please let us know if anything needs to be revised or updated by contacting us here.

Why aren't you available on Amazon/ Watersones etc?
We're in the process of applying for an ISBN, once we have one, it'll be possible to sell the book via these stores. However, the most up-to-date version of the book will be available via Lulu only as a completely new ISBN is required each time any of the book's content changes and this traditional process of publishing is slow and more expensive. When we have accumulated sufficient changes, we will publish a new edition which will also be available through the above outlets to catch up with the latest version available via Lulu. Again, the edition and version of the book you have purchased will be on the title page verso (i.e. the page with all the small print, and copyright details).

Where is neuro and all the other bits?
Yes, we hear you. We appreciate that the book is indeed a work in progress, but we would rather make some chapters available than none at all. We're working on the neurology chapter at present and endocrinology will follow. We suggest that for the moment, you use the structure of Thinking Medicine to revise other subjects until these chapters are available.

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