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W.U.S.M. Neuroscience Tutorial

A basic but very well made neuroscience tutorial specifically for medical students

An interactive online guide to the neurological examination: how to examine and more importantly what you're examining for. Lots of pictures and videos of the normal examination and signs.

Eye movement simulator

Neurological eye simulator. Disable different occular muscles and/or nerves to see the result. Also has quiz mode so you can test your diagnostic skills. Highly recommended.

Neuromuscular Disease Center

All you need to know about neuromuscular disease, well layed out and easy to navigate, broken down in a logical manner. Pathology as well as investigations.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Fantastic searchable database of every genetic disease currently known with journal referrences

The Whole Brain Atlas

For budding radiologists. MRI in various planes of normal and diseased brain. Interesting collection of abnormal imaging e.g. see the progression of MS over a year.

Cutaneous fields of peripheral nerves

Simple diagram of cutaneous fields. Click on a nerve and you can see on a diagram what part of skin it innervates.


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