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The reporting room ****

Dr Morley's fantastic online PACS system that allows you to test yourself interpretting radiology cases. Plenty of interesting cases with solid explanations. Limited number of cases but growing.

Radiology anatomy ****

Another of Dr Morley's sites also using an online PACS system. Good for learning cross sectional anatomy as structures are highlighted in colour over imaging. Limited number of cases but growing.

SRS-X ******

A truly useful site, lots of cases and clear explanations and navigation

  • Tutorials: Renal Transplants, Lobar Collapse, CT in head trauma -all fantastic!
  • Case studies: check out lung and abdominal X-rays
  • MCQs

MedPix ***

Provides a wealth of radiology teaching files with good quality images to practice your diagnostic skills on. Poorly presented and a little difficult to navigate though.

The Whole Brain Atlas ***

For budding radiologists. MRI in various planes of normal and diseased brain. Interesting collection of abnormal imaging e.g. see the progression of MS over a year.

Thinking Medicine