How to use this book

You should aim for honours, therefore the level of this book is that required to accomplish this. Each chapter is devoted to a system and is divided into 5 sections:


The key concepts behind each of these sections are explained below. The cause/effect simplification for collecting evidence of the pathology has been followed throughout:

The patient comes to you with symptoms of his pathology. Through your history, examination and investigations you diagnose the pathology by looking for evidence of

1. The CAUSE of the pathology (aetiology)
2. The EFFECT of the pathology (symptoms and signs) including severity and complications.

Following your diagnosis, you treat the pathology, its causes and its effects.

Although this book is aimed at final year medical students, it should prove useful to students in earlier years. However, it does assume a certain level of knowledge. The aim is to structure the knowledge you already have, integrating clinical experience with the theory studied in pre-clinical years.





Thinking Medicine