How to use this book

This section of each chapter goes through how to present your examination findings to examiners. It is the least practiced and the one students struggle most with. Get this right and you’re sure to impress.

Thank the patient and turn to face your examiner. Take your stethoscope from around your neck, fold it up and stand with your hands behind your back. This gives you an extra five seconds to collect your thoughts. Speak with confidence and state what you have found in a logical order using the appropriate terminology. Do not berate yourself or make excuses. Look straight at the examiner. There should be no need to look back at the patient; you have finished your examination. Shorten long lists of negatives e.g. “there are no stigmata of chronic disease” or “I found no positive signs”. Give your impression and a concrete diagnosis with differentials if you can. If you are feeling confident, you can follow this with the investigations you would like to carry out on this patient.






Thinking Medicine